beaucoup de thanks

A nice Catholic boy from the French countryside married an atheist 

Jew from New York City, bringing me into a funky family I’m grateful for.

Thank you to my grandpa who taught me how to be a baller, 

still working at 85 and strutting in New Balances before they were trendy. 

Merci to my Mamy Geo who taught me #yolo, 

always reminding us that anyone [she] can die instantly at any moment. 

Thank you to my brother who taught me how to stay out of trouble, 

telling little me that he’d call the police if I didn’t take a bath. 

Merci to my Papa who taught me how to be someone people can confide in, 

trusting me with information I shouldn’t know about other family members. 

Thank you to my mom who taught me how to girlboss, 

because if you can’t be your mom’s favorite, you’ve gotta become your own.*

*she does NOT approve that message (mom, ilysm)

SOME work